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We are currently looking for skilled workers to join the Dynasty Solar Network, team. We, really invest in our staff, and, each member of our team is trained and certified in particular areas. We have an amazing, work culture and if, you, take, pride in your work, and are ready to learn, we, would, love, for, you to join us. If, you, think, you are Dynasty Solar Network material, take a look at our job board. And, apply for one, of our open positions.  


2) Referral Agents

Anyone that referrals a deal to us.

Anyone that knows a homeowner that wants to go solar. 

Email us the information. Once, the deal closes, you will be paid a referral fee.

REFERRAL FEE -- $500 - $1,500 depending on the size of the system.

3) Solar Consultant - No Experience Required - Full Training Provided 

Choose your own hours.

Work whenever you want.

Be your own boss !!.

After, your 3rd deal. You will get an Hourly Salary !!.


Earn  $1000 - $2,000 per deal.

Solar Consultant position is to locate homeowners that would be interested in going solar. After your first deal. The solar consultant, will be upgraded to a independent contractor. And, will receive a good reference for future employment. You will earn $1000 -$2,000 per deal. Depending, on the size of system. After your 3rd deal, you will get an hourly salary. Choose your own hours. Work, whenever you want. Be your own boss !!

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